Corset Dresses have been worn for centuries as a great way to show off a woman’s curves. Some would refuse to wear them because they look uncomfortable. This may be true during the olden times when these garments were made with stiff wooden or ivory busks. The waists were significantly reduced in order to exaggerate the body’s curves.


Corsets have evolved through the years and have actually become a fashion statement. The uncomfortable ancient corsets have been reinvented as comfortable and functional wardrobe items that are enough to give the body the emphasis it needs. Corset dresses today are made lighter and easy to use. They can be worn as a top over pants and skirts. They have even become must-have intimate items. Since they tuck in the waist and tighten the stomach, wearing simple corsets without trimmings under a dress gives a trimmer figure.


When selecting your corset dresses or tops, custom-made is always the better option because correct measurements mean a well-fitting corset. The off-the-shelf corsets may pinch and rub the wearer in the flesh. Make sure you relax and breathe normally when your measurements are taken. The waist, ribs and hips are the important parts to measure. Also, your stomach must not bulge out from the bottom. The corset should be comfortable enough but can still be laced tighter.


Women wear corsets over a dress as a bodice or pair them with a formal skirt to achieve a curvy look, where their waist and breasts are highlighted. Corset dresses work well for slender and full figures. Tops and dresses come in a variety of materials like brocade, denim, embroidered lace, leather, vinyl and chambray.


There are plus-size corsets so larger women can camouflage their thickening waistline and drooping bustline. A well-fitting corset in the right color can tremendously improve a plus-size figure. Plus-size corsets come in different sizes from 34 inches up.


Bridal corsets are becoming more popular among soon-to-be wives. Bridal corset dresses not only help in achieving the bride’s dream waist; they also bring in a traditional style. These come in gorgeous and intricate lace patterns. Select a bridal corset that would go well with the cut of the gown, whether it is low cut or wide necked. If a bride has a bigger bust, she can play it down with the right under-bust corset. Brides can also wear exotic lingerie corsets for a simple sexy to incredibly erotic effect. Lingerie corsets are available in brilliant colors of pink, turquoise, cranberry, red, and black.