Every bride surely wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Wearing the perfect wedding dress can make a bride look like a million dollars even if she did not actually spend a million dollars on the dress.


The corset as we know it is said to have appeared in the eighteenth century, but it is still in fashion and is a favorite of many brides. A Corset Back Wedding Dress can be quite good for accentuating a bride’s figure.


An honest-to-goodness corset back wedding dress does not have a zipper. Instead, these corset back dresses will have loops and a lacing cord, often made of the same fabric as the rest of the dress. Beneath the loops and the lacing cord is the modesty panel, which snaps in and hides the bride’s back and her bra. If bra cups are sewn into the wedding gown, you may not need to have a modesty panel in it.


Lacing a corset back wedding dress can be easier if a pair of large safety pins is attached to the ends of the lacing cord. The safety pins will keep the ends of the cord sturdy and make the cord easier to draw through the loops. Line up the lacing so that it is even. If the bride is wearing a modesty panel, you should snap it inside the dress. You should start lacing the corset at the top of the bodice.


While the bride is wearing the gown, she should put her hands at her waistline and push back against the lacing, but not so much that she distorts the bodice’s fit. She should just keep the corset back wedding dress in place while you lace the corset and tighten the lacing cord as you go. Make sure that you do not twist the lacing cord and it lies flat against the corset. You can practice lacing the corset by using a couple of yards of silky upholstery cord instead of the lacing cord.


Some one-piece corset wedding dresses let brides appear to be wearing a corset top, without the fuss that corset tops generally involve. You could have a faux corset back wedding dress with a hidden zipper panel to allow you to get into the dress and out of it without re-lacing the entire corset.


Other corset-style wedding dresses just have the look of a corset back wedding dress but do not actually have waistline tightening. This is just the thing for women who love the way a corset back looks but are far less enthusiastic about having to lace it up.