Brides no longer need to subject themselves to a pre-wedding diet. And this is thanks to the advent of Corset Style Wedding Dresses, which are gowns with corset bodices.


Corset style wedding dresses are gaining popularity not just with celebrities and red carpet attendees but also in the bridal market. During the Golden Globe Awards, Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a gown by Monique Lhuillier. The forest green gown featured a corset. Angie Harmon’s gown during the Screen Actors Guild Awards was from the same designer. Her sexy strapless gown had a corset bodice.


Throughout its history, the corset has always garnered much criticism. The idea of wearing a corset may be viewed as inhumane and sadistic, considering the tight-lacing portrayed by several classic movies.


Remember the lovely lead in Gone with the Wind? Scarlett O’Hara used to ask her nanny to lace her corset beyond tight. Still, she did look gorgeous with the tiny waistline and the hourglass figure. I can only assume that this could very well be the reason why the corset keeps coming back as a fashion trend. Who wouldn’t want to look great anyway?


The corset creates an illusion of a flat abdomen, a shaped torso and an enhanced bustline. In just several laces, it can boost the cleavage and take away several inches along the waistline. Since brides always want to look their best on their wedding day, more girls are going for the corset style wedding dresses.


According to owners of bridal boutiques and collections, most brides want to have lace-up corsets so they can adjust the fit of the gown throughout their wedding day. With the laces, they can simply have them tightened for perfect pictures and then just loosen them up when they have eaten.


Aside from Monique Lhuillier, several other designers are including corset style wedding dresses in their collections. Reem Acra includes strapless corseted gowns with full skirts in her fall 2011 collection. A lace corset bodice can also be found in the new Lazaro wedding dresses collection. Maggie Sottero includes lace-up corset tops on dropped-waist gowns in her 2011 collection.


Corset style wedding dresses create a look that makes the wearer feel like she is a princess. And that’s definitely what most brides would want to look like on the most important day of their lives. Call it vanity or brashness; either way, it won’t matter. This is an event that happens only once in a lifetime, at least for most of us. So let the bride be as beautiful as she could be.