Amidst all the controversy surrounding the wearing of corsets, these garments remain in fashion. Some of the prominent lingerie choices are black and red corsets. Most brides choose wedding gowns that flatter their figures, such as the White Corset Dress style.


What do you need to do when you wear a white corset dress? You need to wear a cotton undershirt or a corset liner under the garment to prevent the tough corset material from damaging your skin. You should also moisturize your skin and ensure that there are no dry spots, as indicated by red skin.


After you put the white corset dress on, pull the laces snugly and straighten out the undershirt or whatever you are wearing underneath. Run your fingers behind you and reach under the eyelet edges. Lift the corset away from your skin with one hand and continue straightening the undershirt with your other hand. Let the corset settle and then tighten the laces.


How do you tighten the lace? First, fasten the laces around a hook or a doorknob. Walk forward until you feel the garment tighten. Even out the laces on the left and right parts. Work on any uneven laces towards the top. Tighten by crossing the laces from bottom to center, then center to top.


The excess lace should be on top to easily even out the laces. Pull the crosses top to the center again for a final tightening. Make a number of tours when lacing, by taking only half an inch of lace for every tour and resettling the corset. Make sure that the two sides are evenly spaced from the top to bottom and be sure to address bulging gaps at the waist area.

Once lacing gets tighter, take a break and relax. Then walk around for at least ten minutes before you undo the laces and let them relax a little. Resettle the laces and go again. After a couple more tours, your white corset dress will be tighter than before.


You can repeat the process after another 20 minutes. So if you are planning to tightly lace, you’ll use up about an hour, unless you already wear the corset every minute of the day, in which case you’ll go faster. If you are planning to use the corset for a special night out, then an hour of tight lacing would be enough to wear the garment very tight. It will be more comfortable by then. Remember that when wearing a corset, you should never hurry. Take your time getting into the corset. Start early to ensure you have a good tight fit before you hit the road.